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The Big Up

The Big Up

 - My directorial debut, the Big Up is a film about a world without Gravity, interviewing the survivors of the world. It's a fun, bold, retro inspired comedy with plenty of fun laughs. 

Norwich Love Letter

 - A graduate film about our lives at university, and the bond we've all created with Norwich these last three years. A reflective, nostalgic and passionate film full of life, poetry and memories.  

Norwich love letter

the girl and the beast

The Girl and the Beast

 - A film that twists the classic fairy tale through a feminist lens, the girl and the beast is a film that blends motion graphics and 3D assets in a stylised short film to spoken word poetry. 

Darren and Donna

 - A film created for the BBC Listening Project, and the winner of our pitch, landing on the website officially. Following a discussion of two Scots talking about a range of topics about living in a low income area. The film is a 2D/3D blend that explored life on the borderline. 






 - My solo graduate film, Buzz is an exploration of technology addiction, and living inside the loud, bright and distracting world of the internet. it's a rotorscoped / motion graphics project about learning to let go. 

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