404 -

Genre - Conspiracy Drama

Four strangers are blamed for a terrorist act they did not commit, going on the run from a shadowy organisation.

TV Pilot - 45 Pages.


Blood Orange

Genre - Family Drama

An Englishman retired in Spain relives his past as he succumbs to dementia and reunites with his estranged son.

Short - 14 Pages.


Nowhere Land -

Genre - Animated teen drama

The adventures of five misfit friends as they live their day-to-day lives growing up in the most boring town in England. 

TV Episode One - 28 Pages.

TV Episode Two - 26 Pages.


Hemmingway and I

Genre - Sci-Fi, Short.

A long haul space cargo man transports cryogenically frozen humans across the galaxy, with only a robot for company. 

Short - 6 Pages.


Time To Die

Genre - Sci-Fi, Horror, Teen

After traveling back in time to 1997, a teen girl must solve the murder of her own uncle, all while surviving a time loop with a killer on the loose.

TV Pilot - 41 Pages.


The Big Up

Genre - Animated, Short, Mockumentary.

A documentary filmmaker interviews survivors six months after gravity stopped working,   

Short - 6 Pages.


Time Heist 

Genre - Animated action sci-fi

A young thief and her father plan the greatest heist in the galaxy, utilising a time machine to do-over their many failed attempts.

Feature - 90 Pages. (WIP)