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Time Heist 

Genre - Animated action sci-fi

A young thief and her father plan the greatest heist in the galaxy, utilising a time machine to do-over their many failed attempts.

Feature - 122 pages



Genre - Animated comedy (teen)

Commissioned scripts for WildBrain Spark YouTube series EmojiTown.


Episode - TikTok (2 Minutes)



Genre - Drama, coming-of-age


Two suicidal young adults cross paths, and navigate what the future holds for both of them at turning points in their lives.

Written in collaboration with ACC Publishing, filming in Maryland Summer '22.

Episode 5 - 19 Pages

Episode 6 - 22 Pages


404 -

Genre - Conspiracy Drama

Four strangers, blamed for a terrorist act they did not commit, go on the run from a shadowy organisation.

TV Pilot - 45 Pages.


Blood Orange

Genre - Family Drama

An Englishman retired in Spain relives his past as he succumbs to dementia and reunites with his estranged son.

Short - 14 Pages.


Nowhere Land -

Genre - Animated teen drama

The adventures of five misfit friends as they live their day-to-day lives growing up in the most boring town in England. 

TV Episode One - 28 Pages.

TV Episode Two - 26 Pages.


Hemmingway and I

Genre - Sci-Fi, Short.

A long haul space cargo man transports cryogenically frozen humans across the galaxy, with only a robot for company. 

Short - 6 Pages.


Time To Die

Genre - Sci-Fi, Horror, Teen

After traveling back in time to 1997, a teen girl must solve the murder of her own uncle, all while surviving a time loop with a killer on the loose.

TV Pilot - 41 Pages.


The Big Up

Genre - Animated, Short, Mockumentary.

A documentary filmmaker interviews survivors six months after gravity stopped working,   

Short - 6 Pages.

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